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Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services in Camarillo

From Pitbull to Chihuahua, We Walk Them All

Welcome to 4 Paws and 2 Feet. Our professional and caring team will quickly become your pet’s new best friend!

4 Paws and 2 Feet is a full-service dog walking and pet sitting company providing personal and loving care to all pets in the Camarillo area. Our goal is to make sure that you feel comfortable, your dogs are exercised and happy and your cats and other small animals are loved and looked after. (Getting our own animal fix is just a bonus). Let’s be honest, it’s a pet’s world and we are just living in it.

As a small team of experienced animal owners and lovers, we strive to get to really know you and your pets so we can give personal and loving care to your fur babies.

Ventura County Pet of the Week

Meet Adolfo!

Adolfo is not just another handsome face; he is also 50 pounds of affection, energy and goofiness. Adolfo loves, loves people and he wants one or more of them to call his own. He knows his commands of “sit”, “down” and “roll over”, which he usually does all at once! He is a very smart boy and anyone who adopts him will find it easy to train him. Adolfo plays a mean game of fetch which always includes him performing spectacular aerial leaps to catch the tennis ball. Because he is so awesome, you won’t need any other dogs in your life, which is fine with Adolfo. He also has a soft spot for big trucks with dual cabs. He likes to play the part of passenger (although we are pretty sure he could also play the part of driver) by claiming the back seat, and patiently waiting for you to drive him through a Starbucks where you will order him a free puppuccino.

Dog Walking Services

We will take your dog on a walk usually ranging between 20 – 45 minutes or you have the option for us to take them to the dog park to play.

Pet Sitting Services

We will take care of your pet for you while you’re running errands, working, or just need a few minutes to yourself.

House Sitting Services

We will stay at your home and care for your pets while you’re away on vacation, for work or in case of an emergency.

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Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation meet-and-greet with your pet.